To the Trade

From designer to designers

As a designer myself, I know the time that we invest in translating our ideas for our clients. besides the interpretation of our client’s vision and the final look. A valuable time that we can use for new consultations or be developing initial proposals or market our business.

My job is help you as an outsource service that will allow to assist your clients at first hand and keep your creative job on track.

I have created Presentation Packages covering different views of the design concept that you may want to share with your clients to sustain your proposal.

You can order the boards separately or the full package, including Elevations, 3D rendering with the finish material and accessories, (as shown below) and Photo realistic renderings.

All the documentation is printed with the title block, dimensions, specifications and branding .The price of the packages varies depending on the amount of board’s presentation that you may need, either for a sole room or several spaces in the house that you are designing.

Different packages depending on your needs.

We know that each client is unique and we need to communicate your design concept differently also.

The visual presentation

condo kitchen remodel png.
Condo Kitchen Remodel photo realistic rendering

Floor plan presentations adding elevation and 3D renderings

Please contact us to learn more about our process and how we can work together