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Want to know the reason why is more important the HOW  you place your furniture and decorative items in your home rather than the WHAT you place there?


Learn how to apply at your home this important principle on Interior design




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The daring new trend, to paint the fifth wall
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When we think of a space to decorate, we imagine 4 walls and a floor. Although being the ceiling  one of the most important structural area of the room, it is always the last to consider. Only by the time to install lighting for … Read More

Ask your designer before is too late.

So you just bought your dream house, with enough space to have your own home office and now, you don’t have to share space with your dining room table or the coffee table in your living room to complete office tasks. Now everything looks … Read More

Never fail last minute decor gifts.
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Already is arriving, we feel it in the air, on the streets fully decorated with Christmas themes, and it seems that our spirits are different,  Holydays are coming with leaps and bounds. How to find those never fail last minute gifts? Tradition teaches us … Read More

Powder room, only for girls?
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Despite its name, the powder room in these days is not just for girls It can be visited by family members sometimes and most of the time for guest or casual visitors. Can be a very busy place in occasion of family events. By … Read More

Small space great makeover….really?
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To develop a design concept or a makeover decorating of a space with ideal dimensions without budget restrictions is the Heaven for any designer. Creativity flies free only due to reins tied to the principles of design, ie. proportions, use of color, focal point, to … Read More

Appealing decor for your foyer
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 A few steps to follow.   AS I promised in my last post. I’ll be introducing a new design concept for the foyer, that space, mistakenly left out. This time our foyer is smaller. Well the dimension are not always ideal in our home, … Read More

Fall is almost here. Set the mood.

Fall is almost here. Set the mood. The fall season marks the beginning of the big holidays, those wonderful days when we have the opportunity to reunite with the family if they are not near us the rest of the year. Sometimes friends came … Read More


DECORATING a masculine room it is not only an appealing title for this post. I could say “Bachelor Pad” also because the spaces that I render for this post are for two single men, the only feminine thing here is the designer touch behind … Read More

So you get the sofa
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So you get the sofa. Remember the last post? Beach House, not always blue and white? Oh, yes, then you get the sofa. It is functional, fantastic beachy look, right? But it can be lonely in the middle of your living room It needs a … Read More

Beach House, no blue no white

Beach house, no blue no white. When we think of a beach house, or better, when we imagine the beach, the first thing in mind is relaxing, laid back, blue and white and sand right? And the most wonderful aspect is the freedom that … Read More


 FROM DIY TO EXPERT….And Everything in between I have been working hard lately, the way that you work when you want something from the bottom of your heart. Working continuously and tireless, experimenting the trial and error phases almost every day because I was … Read More

Redesigned kitchen without remodeling
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For many of us, the kitchen is the last space we take into consideration when thinking about improving our house. Is always the living or family room beside the bedroom the first in the list.   REDESIGNED KITCHEN: NOT A GUT RENOVATION, BUT LOOKS … Read More

Decision made, you’ll love it!
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To please a teenager about tastes and style is not an easy task, but I did continue with the project and get a decision made. I am talking about the designed room for my nephew, remember? If you were here last time you already … Read More

Industrial Style? Love it or leave it.

After a little break that I could call vacation because I went to see my family in South America, I came back a few days ago with a design project in my luggage. Being there, at the last minute, in other words, the day … Read More

Retro,Mid Century,Vintage?

Talking about style, what you will define as yours: Retro, Mid-Century, Vintage? Have you heard the phrase: Style is everything? Well, it is Because It reflects  everything that surrounded our own life and when we think of our homes,  the style is  the more … Read More

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