Meet the designer

Now days we are invaded, and why not say so, totally dependent on technology, seduced by the speed of the solutions offered. So, also all the disciplines of study have succumbed to that order including the interior design industry. Being a designer whose first presentations to her clients were colorful drawings of freehand spaces on A4 drawing sheet paper, investing a considerable amount of time on that, I can confess that I was also seduced.

And here are my offerings for you

Today, my knowledge and practice in the design field, along with new skills learned through drawing and rendering software, allow me to help other designers who outsource this task as part of the presentation of their conceptual designs.

In addition, we really love to help homeowners to visualize the redesign of any space at home, completed with decorative elements, color palette, fabrics, materials, without a prior investment commitment. Is a game changer, because the information is handled beforehand.

Virtual Staging is the ultimate tool that real estate agents are using to show digitally staging properties and thus attract and help potential buyers to make final decisions.
We also provide that tool by creating, through images of the room’s property finely decorate and with an appealing look.