Kitchen + Bathroom Facelift

There are two spaces in our home that fulfill very important functions in our daily life and influence our lifestyle.
The kitchen for being the first space that welcomes us to wake up in addition to the bathroom. Those spaces must be practical and functional and why not say beautiful, they are the reflection of our style and that will be shared with family and friends who visit us.
Silvia Karounos Decor Studio specializes in beautifying these spaces by choosing new materials for the surfaces and adding the appropriate lighting and accessories.

Leaving the structure as is, which is a huge saving of money, our Facelift Decor service for kitchens and bathrooms at the same time increases the value of your home and will have better possibilities for rapid sale. So Kitchen and Bathroom Facelift is the way to go!

Preparing the Concept

In the first consultation visit, we will determine and document what vision you have for your future kitchen and / or bathroom in terms of materials and new colors. Appliances can be changed by new ones, but they will not change their position inside the kitchen, as well as basin ,toilette and bath tub/shower in the bathroom.
For this first stage it is necessary to take measures and photos and document all the information as needed,
A Letter of Agreement will be signed and a designer  fee will be due at this time (Flat Fee)
A trade day will be set up in order to define estimate of the labor with contractors
Silvia Karounos Decor Studio will elaborate the first designs boards based on the information obtained and will be presented  to its client

The flat fee include: Consultation on site, Trade visit day and preliminary designs  boards that will be presented  for review.

Design Time 

The Design Time will start with the revision (1) of the board presented during the preparation of the concept and will include possible changes on materials,,colors and accessories

Silvia Karounos Decor Studio will create the final drawings and renderings with all the items approved that will be included on the project and a new Letter of Agreement will be signed.After presented the final design and construction drawing,we will start order the items and manage the delivery.

On this phase the designer fee will be charged for block of hours, starting at 10 initial hours due up front.

This first block of hours include: Final design concept, construction drawings,selection and shopping for materials with the client..


The implementation phase will start when all the materials be received and approved by the designer and the space be ready for installation by the contractors.

The finals items to be installed will the lighting and hardware.

 Starting this phase Silvia Karounos Decor Studio and client will sign for a new block of hours. If hours remains from the Design Time, will be deducted or added if were used more than expected.

The designer fee will include: Labor Supervision, Reception and approving of  lighting and hardware and install supervision,delivery of the project.