What is the difference in between e- design and the traditional design services?

The e-design service  is offered basically  for clients living out the area where the designer works and the delivery is through digital images and e-mails.

Client living locally equally can use the e-design services if they prefer and love to roll the sleeves and accomplish the first part of the process and the implementation inside a collaborative mode with the designer.

On traditional design process, different designer fees are applied.

Which is the starting process for e-design?

When we finish our consultation and you already have decided work with me. I will send to you a Payment Request via Paypal and a Letter of Agreement for you sign and send me back

After you make your payment and sign the e-design agreement, you will receive the invoice for the package that you selected in addition  with the questionnaire and instruction how  to measure and take pictures of your space as well.

When I receive your design profile I will start to work in your design.

What if I don’t like something that you select?

Inside the e-design process we will do (1) revision of the concept and you will be able to dislike some item(s). In that case I will selected new item(s) at no charge for you.

The same answer is valid in case the item selected is discontinued and you want make a purchase inside the 30 days after delivery your design

I would like to integrate some furniture or accessory that already have in my new design, it is that possible?

Absolutely. In your design profile (questionnaire) you will able to state what piece of furniture o accessories you would like to keep.For furniture you will be asked for the measures/model of the item.

This is a new process for me. It is possible to talk with a real person?

Of course! You will have access to around 30 min. consultation by Skipe with your designer after the selection of your package.

Do I will have a follow up after receive my design.

Yes! You will have 20 days access via e-mail to clear any doubt about the implementation of your design.

For question about in-home design consulting please go to the page


              Ready to set up a 30 min.Introductory call ? You choose the time, Where? Skipe.

                                                                 At no cost for you!