Online Design Plan

Online Design Plan is a mixed service, because combined in-home consultation service and online  designer assistance to develop of the design.

Is ideal for local clients, whom love to be involved in the process of the implementation of the design  with the designer professional guidance through a comprehensive documentation delivery totally online.

After the virtual  Free meeting via Skype or Zoom,our client should book a In -home consultation.

The designer will be going to your home  in order to gather all the needed information about the room(s), and to complete defining your design profile,besides taking pictures and  measurements of the space. 

Designer and client will exchange ideas and solutions about color,textures and finish materials. This is the moment to revisit the budget as well.

Your needs  and wants will be listen  and the designer will advice you  about the best use for the investment in the project. A letter of Agreement will be signed for both parts.

The next step starts on my studio. I will elaborate the deliverable documentation described below and send to you inside the agreed time.Before deliver the Shopping list,you will be able to review the preliminary board for any change that you may want to make.


The process on three easy steps to get your dream space for the fraction of the price.

The accent wall on the foyer gives the welcome message  on this young place.


Shared living and dining room in a new condo.Project successfully developed using our Design online plan

These are the rendering images of the finished project.

Service is performed by room up to  250sf. Total cost per room is $ 1.107 .Consider an additional of 50% for shared areas .i.e Living/Dining room. First and second steps are paid up front.

In home Consulting U$250, Design and Deliverables online U$ 857. Total: U$ 1.107 per room

What you will receive?

Online design deliverable documentation

We will create an unique and custom design for your space. Allow us 5-10 business days, depending on the room/s to be designed.

* Layout : Floor plan with labeled items on the space.

* Inspirational board with Furniture, accessories and lighting.

* 1 revision and Final board.

* Shopping list: Detailed list of new items (with image) to complete the space, chosen from the list of your favorites brand stores. Each item with description, price and vendor

* 3D Rendering. (1 image) Visualization of the final space.

* Design report and Guide for Implementation.

* Our design advice and support will extend for 30 days via email after the delivery day.

The Reason Why this service is for you… our dear client that live locally.

Having working with many clients offering online design consultation along with the traditional design process as well, which are different processes in how the service is offered but is identical in how the ideas and solutions are elaborated, we have come to a single conclusion:

There are a lot of procedures that can be done online, such as payments, products purchases, even money transfer. The software are designed for not to have margins of errors in any steps.Yet that has nothing to do with creativity and/or the subtle and visual decision of a color or with the soft fabric touch or material. To feel textures and perceive the truly colors before applied in a room is priceless.

When I used to work with online design, although with success, I always missed the perception of the room or space to be designed or decorate, besides, and also important, the spatial view of the room.This is the foundation of the design, along with all the details gathering from the room that only the designer is able to wrap on site.

Therefore, we crafted an online service exclusively for our design enthusiastic local clients that resumes the best of two worlds: Traditional and Online design services in one offer, gathering a personalized assistance with a highly convenient price.