Master Design Plan

Master Design Plan |Design Proposal and Implementation


Everything starts with a Virtual meeting via SKYPE, where,in around 30 min. together we will trace the main dilemmas that you are facing and what you can expect from me and my team to give solution to those challenges.


This is the time when I will get to know your home personally,feeling its energy and potential to extract the best from it.

Depending on the concept that we will develop and we have already talk on the virtual meeting,you will see and feel swatches and samples of material and fabrics that might we use on the design.

I will come back to my studio plenty of measures, the best angles pictures and my notebook carrying all the information about your vision, about how you have dreamed your home looks like.

By the end of this meeting, a Letter of Agreement (LOA) will be signed for both parts determining scope of the job,payments schedule, and time frame.


A design proposal with a cohesive and stylish concept board resuming all the ideas that were pinned on our in-home consultation it will present to you for revision.

I will explain the reason why the design presented is the best solution for your space.

Regardless that, you will be able dismiss or change 1 or 2 items. I will replace the items taking in consideration the design concept and investment and presented to you via email.

My studio will prepare sketches from the approved concept.

Silvia Karounos Decor Studio offers design solutions along with beauty, it doesn’t trade time for money.

Depending of the scope of the job, the In-Home Consulting it will takes 90 2.00 hrs.+under a flat fee of U$ 250.Although the In- Home Consulting is a service that makes part of the Design Proposal, it charged separately and up front.The design fees for the Design Proposal and Design Implementation are stated in the Letter of Agreement and a retain of 50% will be due by the signing of the document.

Implementation and Completion

The design concept is approved and now is the time to start implementing the beauty.

The starting time will be chosen for our client and discuss with he designer in order to coordinate the labor.

If the subcontractors are hired for our client, they will be compensate directly for the client as well.Regardless that, their labor will be oriented and manage for the designer as well as any change or new decision taken.

All the elements or items that shape the design concept will be order and manage for Silvia Karounos Decor Studio.

Our studio will receive and inspect furniture, lighting and accessories when arrive and keep in storage until the installation day.

Shopping locally day is consider inside the the fees and scope of the job for the implementation.

The installation day has arrived. Our studio might ask our dear client stay away for some hours until the magic happens.

As is also stated in our LOA,either that day or another day chosen for both parts, a professional photography session will be performed.

The 30% remaining of the design fee will be due on the implementation day.


For the Master Design Plan our fees and charges are based on the square footage of the spaces to be designed.

We charge U$ 3.00 per sf. and apply to spaces with 300 sf. minimum.

The total is divided in two installments.

First installment of 50% is due  up front to start to work in your  Design Proposal which is described below.


Creation of the layout and space planner

Procurement of the finish materials as paints, wall paper, fabrics for windows treatments ( if apply).

Drawings of the preliminary design idea.

Revision of the proposal.

Elevation or 2D presentation from any custom element that may need.(mantel, bookcase, architectural details.

Final design concept presentation with 3D renderings.

The 50% remaining of the design fee will be due to start the implementation.

  • Place items orders
  • Reception and revision of the items
  • Shopping assistance for small items
  • Subcontractor supervision
  • Delivery of the design on site

Have a question? Please send us a message, we’ll be happy to answer your question and concerns.