aparment-small dinning room

Design Work Solution

Solutions and great design advice

Sometimes you only need initial ideas, no more.
Sometimes you have the vision that what you want, but don’t know where to start, right?
If so, you need this service specially created to give prompt solutions and the right professional design advice.
Remember that at Silvia Karounos Decor Studio any services start with a free phone call via Skype. While we talk, I will be taking notes to prepare myself for a productive work meeting at your home and give the best solution and answers to your questions and concerns.

Topics that we can resolve and cover in our  Design Work Solution meeting
  • Which is the best layout for the room?
  • Advice and color selection
  • Advice for window treatments.
  • Advice about the best lighting scheme for the room
  • Advice about how to style the walls.
  • Advice about how to link the items to get a cohesive look.

.The Design Work Solution  is a broad consultation at your home, and as its name says,it was crafted to give solutions on site for the array of concerns describe above that our clients may have.

Its a 3.00 hrs. meeting and  Its  $ 350.00 value due up front to reserve client’s time.

When client buys the time for the meeting, will receive a requisition of money via Pay Pal, and an invoice will be sent. Please choose your meeting time, 5 business days  before from the desire meeting day.

I will recommend you prepare questions for the event before the meeting and take notes during the consultation.