My approach to you is clear and far away from useless sophistication.I truly believe that you deserve an aesthetic and functional home.
Having that in mind, I propose you to work together designing a place where you and family feel sheltered,where luxury is everything that you have and love the most, a home to feel proud and that will keep your memories for years to come.

Something for you to know

Silvia Karounos is a seasoned designer that had been working in the industry since 1990 when she graduated from a recognized design school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has achieved a wide experience in Interiors and her professional path has taken her to work in Brazil, Chile and United States.

After settled her life and dreams in America, she reopens her design studio firm back in 2011, to dedicate her expertise exclusively to residential design and assist her clients that aim and dream with a home that speaks to them and talks about them. Silvia used to be totally evolved with every client project and knows that each design starts with a dream and work tirelessly to make a reality for them.

To give the best from herself as professional she updates her design knowledge taking new design and decorating courses. Silvia is a Certified Interior Decorator with an Interior Design background and specializes in furniture design, allowing her helping clients with solutions that go further than select a wall art, which she does beautifully also.

Since new homeowners to the vacation house happy owners. From young independent people living by themselves, who are looking to improve their small studio apartment to feel and look like home to new professional people that love to work from home and want that functional space to develop their expertise and also for the baby boomers that are in need to refresh their forever home, Silvia has been able to assist them successfully inside their time and possibilities working locally and nationwide.

With a former Interior Design Degree achieved at Faculdade de Arte e Design in Sao Paulo, Brazil, working in the design field for more than 10 years in South America, besides a Professional Certification at QC Design School, as Interior Decorator.

She has a home-based business serving locally in South Florida, nationwide and around the world through her design and decor practice.

Because Design and Decor is my art and passion.                     Silvia Karounos

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