To homeowners

Design and rendering

Among the many ways that creative designers have to help their clients get the rooms of their dreams became a reality, is the visualization of the space before the physical project starts and without committing to a large investment.
Knowing in advance, how the spaces at your home can be finished and decorated, without having invested money and without the guess work, is priceless.
Based on a simple sketch and measures provide for you, we redesign your space and prepare an explanatory floor plan, besides photo realistic (s) presentation by translating your ideas (obtained from a previous design profile quiz,using your own furniture and adding others according to your style. The boards are follow with a designer report. with complementary information.

See an example below:

For floor plan and renderings, we start pricing over space up 300. sf.

Please feel free to Contact us for more information about this convenient design service that is performed on line and locally as well.

How it’s works (the breakdown)

After receiving your mail requesting our service, we will send you a simple guide to measure and take photographs of the space.

Based on the measures taken we ask from you prepare a simple sketch to be sent.
To know your vision and the desired look we will also ask you to fill out a short questionnaire where you can add your files, sketch and images of your room.
You will receive the link to the questionnaire and send it so that our studio starts working on your project after completing the payment for our service through Paypal.

  • For our local clients (covering West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Derfield Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale) that require on-site visit to take measurements and photographs, an additional upfront fee (U$ 97.00/room ) will be charged.

Our service offer 2 options

*# Floor plan and 3D floor plan (for Option A)

We offer two floor plan options if apply, which means if the space allow two different solutions having in consideration windows and doors location.The 3D Floor plan will represent the chosen floor plan

*Labeled items on plan

The items or symbols contained on the floor plan are labeled for better understand location and traffic, see our example above.

*3D Rendering

We elaborated two detailed renderings ( 2 different views of the room) from the chosen floor plan. These renderings are the design idea concept that SK Visualization & Design created from the sketched floor plan, images and quiz that our client sent to us. Not apply revisions.

Our client will be able to visualize its room as finished, with colors, textures furniture and accessories. Is a professional design concept!

#Mood Board and color story

A board where is embodied the overall design concept with items and color story. Resume the procurement and selection of the furniture and accessories . Selection of the color for the entire room.

#Visual Realistic of the room

A photo realistic image will represent the room with finish details and colors.

*#Designer Report

Each service option available is a design concept created for SK Visualization & Design and is explained on the Designer Report which is a guide for its implementation by our clients.

Please,CONTACT us if you would like reorganize your layout,refresh your room and get to know how will look your vision, before buy furniture and incur in any unnecessary expenses