Floor plans and Renderings Services

Everything in life must starts with a plan. Talking about design, the meaning is a floor plan that will define the flow and the traffic on the space that we want to design.

Planning a new layout takes several elements that must be conjugate at the same time without skip important design principles. For that reason, Silvia Karounos Decor Studio offers this service as a separate package and is specially addressed for new homeowners to help them translate their vision inside the new house as well as for real estate agents to assist them with a professional designed space to show to their potential buyers and facilitate the sale.

The image on the left shows a partial view (rendered) of the living room and the correspondent layout (right) of the total area


1 floor plan + 1 advantage view photo realistic rendering ( same room) $ 257.00

1 floor plan + 2 advantage views photo realistic rendering (same room) $ 327.00

1 floor plan + 1 doll house view (same room) $ 150.00

Your best package: 1 floor plan + 1 doll house view + 2 photo realistic view $ 350.00


To start the job. our studio requires:

  • Completing the questionnaire covering the answers relate to the space.
  • Measures and photographs of the space. Instructions will be provide
  • Payment due upfront that will be required via Paypal.

Deliverable documentation will be complete and sent between 48 to 72 hrs.