How to get a well designed look at home.

There is a lot of talk about getting a luxurious look for your home. And immediately we all think that we are going to spend a significant amount of money to decorate our space, so I am going to refer here to a well designed look, which most of the time is not achieved with luxurious elements only.

So, to understand well what is the difference between the two concepts, I think the best is to graph our idea with the example of an outfit, And when I talk about outfit, I do not only mean the dress, but what you see from head to foot.

Basically the purpose of this post is to show you how to invest the money (the higher percentage) destined for your project in the three main elements so that the concept will look, as well as luxurious, well designed.

#how to get a well designed look-the rug

When we want to look elegant and why not say it, to impress someone, the first thing we should think about is our shoes, that is, it would be the foundation of our outfit, and I compare the shoes with the area rug,that is the base that will go under our furniture ( or our feet)). That first layer is the one that will require more attention than our dress. Why? Because it is a visually large piece,(or should to be) although flat, but important.

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Returning to the example of the dress, you can use a garment not excessively expensive, but if your shoes (the foundation of your outfit) are stylish, well made and comfortable, you will look well dressed and confident.

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What means not too expensive, when we talk about the dress? Well, the dress here is represented by the sofa and armchairs . If your furniture is still in good shape and the tapestry is well preserved, they can be kept and added stylish cushions. If not, it is advisable to reupholster them. This is where we don’t need to spend too much buying new furniture, in other words, you love your dress and want to used it for the occasion, then you will style your dress adding a beautiful belt or a scarf around your neck. Read pillows

At least that you want to definitely change the style of the sofa and it is within your reach to do the expense.

#how to get a well designed look-curtains

The second element of style that we must consider as an important investment, are the curtains. Good quality fabrics and a qualified workroom will help to give that touch of luxury, conservative, but beautiful. The same goes for the reupholstering work. It is important that the finished work is high end.Custom details have everything to do with luxury and good design.

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Whenever we want to give a special touch to our outfit so that it looks well done, we think of the accessories.

Coming back to our outfit comparison, think of nice jewelry, real or fancy,yet beautiful, with the power of uplifting your look.

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#how to get a well designed look-lighting

The most important accessory in a space is lighting, and this is where we must allocate the third largest portion of your investment. A space, depending on its function, requires more than one point of light.

After carefully choosing the lighting and acquiring it, the remaining budget should be divided into art and natural indoor plants.

Finally, to decorate / style your room, use what you have, paired with new items, but choosing it carefully and without hurry, just so, your home will look curated,timeless and with a well designed look.