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The true about the color trends and how to use them without fail.

Each painting company works every year to follow the influence in fashion and lifestyles and to be able to find and choose the color of the year that becomes a trend. Around that color, the combos are created to achieve a harmonious finish.

Poised-Taupe-Blog (2)

Curiously, one of these recognized companies, chose as the color of the year a hue that has already been enough and is among us for a while now. The base of this color is gray, maybe you are thinking, .. Oh, that is a repetition of the same, however it’s not. Benjamin Moore created a gray of a warmth and sophistication without comparison. Really I love it. Let me show you what we could do with this trend.

Metropolitan AF-690 (2)

DESIGNER QUOTE: “Never underestimate the power of the paint. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a new look. A fresh coat in a vibrant color takes an old piece of furniture or an empty white room and gives it”new life.”Source House Beautiful”.

The image above is my own version of the Metropolitan AF-690 by B.Moore. It’s a rendering from a classic style dining room using the color on the walls paired with other matching colors resulting in a soft and sophisticated color story as shown below.

Comedor Rosa render Podium (2)

So, if you allow me,I encourage you to visit https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/color-overview/color-palettes/color-trends-2019 and find your own color story for your new project. Yet I have to warn you, it can became overwhelming and daunting because all of them are extremely beautiful and can evolve your senses. Ideally you should be able to choose 2 or 3 matching colors to go with the main color that will have the highest percentage in space, in other words on the walls. We’ll talk about the 80-60-20 rule in another post, which is one of the important rules in any conceptual design.

                 The  beautiful color combo used on my rendering

Color story (2)

Announced at the end of last year by Pantone, its color for the year 2019 is Living Coral, a vivid, bright hue, yet at the same time warm, which well combined it will transform any room in an inviting and cozy space.

Vignette featuring the combination of Aqua, Yellow and Living coral on pillows.

Personally I love this color. I have use it in several projects and gives the opportunity for assorted combinations, besides can be displayed on any style, since coastal to classic.

And we can not fail to mention Sherwin Williams, that goes a little bit further with colors trend.

They not only choose one color per year, but they release one each month. We are going to limit ourselves to reviewing the color of the year this time.

Sherwin Williams Color of the year (2)

As you can see in the image above, that is a perfect combination for Cavern Clay nuance. They are colors that together make us relive the 70’s, which are very much in vogue on these days reflected in the Mid Century Modern style.

If you are about to start a new project that involves painting on the walls, this is the opportunity to modernize your space.

Personally I would not compromise with a whole painted space using only the mentioned color. I would go for an accent wall or paint a half wall combined with other color on the palette.

The image below is part of a project that we completed for a studio apartment. The space that shelters the dining room it was painted on Caver Clay to better delimiting the open area that is shared with the living room and bedroom.Initially our client wasn’t too convinced, yet finally she was thrilled with the result.

Apartment studio on Cavern Clay logo (8)

A coat of paint works like magic if we start with a plan for the conceptual design, and stick with, taking into account the style, furniture and accessories that make it up the space.


* As important as knowing the use (function) that will be given to the space, it is the color choice of who is going to occupy that space, because the colors affect each one of us differently.

For the common areas of the house, a consensus should be reached and choose or create a less personalized color palette, going for the neutral colors.

* Starting from nothing to create a conceptual design, where you have total freedom to choose colors, fabrics and textures, is ideal. You can be guided by the color palette to choose your fabrics that you will use later, when the project is implanted

Instead, if you just want to impose a more fresh visual to the room (s) that already has its fabrics, whether in curtains, sofas and / or cushions, I recommend you go to your local paint supplier with a sample of the fabric, or a cushion , or a good photo taken on your cell phone and start creating a harmonious palette. This will save you a lot of “guesswork” and time achieving a perfect result.

Would you try one o two of these color at your home? We can assist you to start with your project and made your home became a beautiful and fresh space for you and family.

Want to know more about trends, colors and how to dare? Click in the image below.


Click here


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