Who wants to be a collector?

Actually collecting objects is an obsession, but I would say a healthy obsession when they are items of the same class and that have a meaning in memory and in life. I am not talking here of an insane consumption that well represents the expression “must have”


I am lucky to travel to countries in Latin America that have immense cultural richness. I travel to visit my family, children, brother and sisters, cousins, nephews and my mother who are spread out there.

I started my collection of beautiful handmade objects by craftsmen. I have bought them at craft fairs and others I have received as a gift from my own family that knows of my healthy obsession.

It is not a big collection, enough to fill and decorate spaces in my home and not let me forget where I came from and where part of my heart is.


Unfortunately, it is not easy to bring large items, but I think the set makes a statement on the wall of my living room.

Do you follow me when I say obsessed?

I can not contain myself with those beauties in front of me, I have to acquire one or two more each time I go.

Who want to be a collector?…. And how and where to start?

My mission here is to give you guidance on how, magically speaking. decorate your home and turn it into that place where you always want to return. Saying this, to start a collection of decorative objects, you must first think about the style of your space and what would be more appropriate, within what attracts you. You have to love the collectibles, so you do not get tired of them. All decorating styles welcome collections. Oh, and you do not need to travel overseas to find beautiful objects. Maybe you already have items at home that have the same reading, it is just knowing how to group them in a way that highlights and makes sense.


Do you already feel inspired? Great!

Everything that comes from your inspiration and you use in your home will always be valid and reward you.

Let me know in the comments if you have already collected decoration items or are thinking of starting something like that.


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