Unveiling the studio apartment transformation

They say that the promise is a commitment, and I completely agree So today and without further delay, I want to reveal to you the reinvention of the studio apartment. This is the second part of the post. For those who have not read the first one, here you can read it. I recommend going back and doing it, only then will this second post make sense to you.

The creation of a conceptual design always begins with color, with textures and layers of elements that make the initial idea to emerge based on the client’s vision

We created a young space, because our client is.

See the photo above. That separation allows privacy to the two areas without totally closing the space.

We created areas defined by color and textures and each square feet of the studio studio gained its own sense by becoming a livable space.

We used a range of contrasting and bold colors, but even so, the space looks relaxing thanks to the lighting plan. In the created niche where once was a closet,a gorgeous wallpaper was installed accentuating the focal point created by the bed.

The back of the sofa and a divider screen makes the separation between bedroom and living room.

Going to the living room consisting of a love seat, two beautiful leather ottoman and a tray table. It is a cozy space to watch TV and conversation. A modern rug with a graphic design pulls everything together.

So far, you can already have an idea of the transformation of this studio.

We reinvent the space for our client, she was happy with the result and her studio now is functional and beautiful to receive friends and serve a delicious meals. Where? see the image of the dining room below.

When you reinvent your home, you reinvent yourself. You give yourself spaces to be happy, and develop yourself as a person and everything around you become harmonious.

My mission is offer you the best of my creativity to transform your day to day. It doesn’t matter if it is a small space or one with large dimensions. My goal is to make your house to acquire a new meaning for you and makes you and family happy.

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