By reinventing our home, we reinvent us.

#By reinventing our home, we reinvent us

There is a lot of talk about that it is important to reinvent ourselves, that we should look for new avenues and do different things to feel alive and why not, rejuvenate. I believe that this can be fully applied to our home, to those spaces that welcome and shelter us every day, and directly affect our lives.

A space well designed and decorated to our liking, will have a totally beneficial effect on our well being. By reinventing our space, we reinvent ourselves.

So, my client, a awesome young woman, decided to reinvent her studio apartment, give it a new face (read new pieces of furniture and accessories) and refresh the layout. It needed more functionality and a better to flow of the daily activities.

She knew that she should make a change, add or get rid of some elements, but she had no idea how to start.

Some furniture was out of scale and there was also no color palette to define the space.

Some BEFORE imagesLaura studio trans. 2

 The apartment has something essential for any interior space, a lot of natural light and a beautiful view. Those important details were the starting point towards a new layout and floor plan.

Lura studio tranformation 1

#By reinventing our home,we reinvent us. The floor plan

Laura new floor plan

#By reinventing your home, we reinvent us.Some sketches.

Laura Sketching

In the creation process, we work with several sketches, in addition with the floor plan.

Here I want to show you some of the final sketches we did, keeping in mind the color palette we want to infuse. No showing here yet.

Our client wanted a simple look but at the same time with personality and character. We thought that contrasting colors to reach a contemporary look, but at the same time maintaining a curated feel will achieve her vision.

Hard to see anything yet, right?

We are still working on the editing of the final images an you will have in your inbox in a few days.

For now I want to leave you with the inspirational board that we created for this project.

You can play a little, imagining how those colors will be scattered around ..

#By reinventing our home, we reinvent us. The magic is on

Reinvention means inspiration and from there everything flows

# Reinventing with color

Love the eclectic look of this combination, mixing danish and mid century style It’s young and daring, reflecting our client’s personality, and at the same time provides a sense of elegance without unnecessary exaggeration.

As I told you before, I will send to your inbox in a few days the final images of this project. It was a big reinvention of this studio apartment.

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