How to avoid costly design mistakes…..without a designer

The practice of interior design is like any other, requires years of study, training and especially the talent and creativity that each designer carries that isn’t acquired by looking at Pinterest boards or browsing the pages of a furniture catalog.

Sometimes the designer is called when it’s a little bit late or when the most important decision to start pulling all the elements was taken without any initial plan.
I want to show here real situations that I have lived in my consulting design service and my only intention is to teach/show you the best way to avoid costly mistakes and better manage the investment destined to redesign your space.

#How to avoid costly design mistakes: The wallpaper decision.

Recently I was called by my client who needed to redesign a space that would be destined for Home Office.When I first saw the space I was disappointed, and it always happens to me when I discover that decisions that should be left to the designer, are taken beforehand.

Do not get me wrong. I want to mean her decision about to choose the wall that will be accentuated with a strong color of paint or wallpaper. Maybe you would ask yourself, why? Because this particular space is going to be used as an office, that’s a place to work. To work we need light and preferably natural light. Follow me?

That’s, the desk must be facing the window creating a focal point. That’s the wall where the wallpaper should be placed or accentuated with a different paint color.

After the paper is installed there is not much to do.As a conscious designer, knowing that functionality is a priority in any space, I made the layout around the window and dressed it with 2 beautiful curtain panels coordinated with the wallpaper.Yet, leaving the real situation aside, I will show with two different images created for me the intentionality of this post.

The image shown below is an example that the wall paper wrong installation for that specific space: A small home office.

# How to avoid costly design mistakes:The reason way….

When you give accent to a wall through a wall paper or a different color you immediately create a focal point. And that’s awesome!

But the main element in a office always will be the desk. Like in a bedroom, the focal point will be the bed. And we have to work/design around.

In small spaces like this we only can create one focal point.

If you locate the desk in the position above, never goes to receive natural light,the chair will always gives the back to the door.The windows that later will be dressed with curtains also will fight for attention and the space will lack cohesiveness.

#How to avoid costly design mistakes: Beginning from the scratch.

Several factors take place to design a room, no matter what if it’s small or with a generous square footage.

Function: considering the functionality of the space is fundamental,

and it comes at first.

From there we can determinate which is the best layout and location of our furniture and design elements.

Other important factor is the management of the investment if you have a determinate budget.

To spend more money than necessary on a expensive wallpaper because the area to be cover is big (the wrong wall),narrowed the budget.

An initial and wise design plan will lead you to a result like this. A cohesive room, functional and representing the vision of the occupant. A space to develop her expertise, keeping everything organized and under the reach. With a feminine atmosphere where it can be displayed loved pieces of art, decorative elements and eventually receiving guests, giving an additional function with a sofa bed.

Remember: Start with a defined design plan before intend decorating the room. It’s the best way to avoid costly design mistakes…without a designer.

Anyway I am here to help and make the most and the best for any room at your home.

I would love to hear from you if you want drop off a comment

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