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The daring new trend. Second part

As I promised we’ll continue exploring the possibilities about painting the ceilings.

Already we learn about small room’s ceiling and how to use this stylish way to complete the design at the space.You can read the first part following the link: https://www.frommydecorstudio.info/single-post/2017/11/17/The-daring-new-trend-Painting-the-fifth-wall

#The daring new trend, a large room ceiling.

The daring-new-trend .png
Image source FreshHome



And what happens if you have an open concept space? You want to accentuate the ceiling on that large space wrapping living/family room and dining. Here I would recommend NOT to risk and go for a neutral palette. Bold and strong colors, in this case, would look heavy and overload the rest of the space.

So not be shy either because a large room ceiling always will look interesting and you have cold and warm shades where to choose from.

Allow me suggest………..

Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore.Shaker Beige

This hue remind me mother pearl

A glossy finish will works perfectly Is a beautiful beige that warms the ceiling look.

#The daring new trend. A high or a low room ceiling.

A high ceiling is really something magnificent.

In this case what we must to do is emphasize it, so that it doesn’t disappear on us and thus take our sight upwards.

There are beautiful blues that will remind us the sky. Yet, you would like something warmer at home?

the-daring-new-trend png
Image source Apartment Therapy


Don’t you feel sheltered with a ceiling like this?


The elegance of this blue beats any ceiling height and can be used for any style room.

Image via WordPress.

For low ceilings, I would suggest you ask yourself which will be the function of the room first

Bedroom, home office or gathering spaces demand warm color to add intimacy, yet always following the overall palette spread on the space.






Image via Benjamin Moore Blog









Finally, something important at the moment when choosing your colors is about the finish of the paint. Most ceiling paints should be flat but if you are using a bold color, try an eggshell or satin finish with a nice sheen.

If you like this post or you have any thoughts, let me know through the comment below, I would love to hear from you.

You may need assistance deciding which is the best decision about how to paint the fifth wall or the whole room design.

 WE can help to find the best color combination for your home. You can send us a message to book a Design Work Solution ( at your home). Go to our Contact page  and let us know about esign needs.

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