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The daring new trend: Painting the fifth wall

When we think of a space to decorate, we imagine 4 walls and a floor.

Although being the ceiling one of the most important structural areas of the room, it is always the last to consider.

Only by the time to install lighting for the due functionality, we give some attention. Yet, the ceiling also called the fifth wall should stand out and be part of our decoration and design as a whole.

So, how we can transform our ceilings? Well, we should to jump out of our comfort zone and instead of leaving the area over our heads white, we must go ahead and dare give some coats of paint, oh, yes!

#The daring new trend: A small room ceiling

The daring-new-trend. png
image via HomeTalk


Let’s assume that you have a small room and you want to use as your home office or studio.

Depending who will use the room you can go with a cold or a warm color palette.if you are using pale shades, still it will feel more pronounced in small space than they would in a large room. So you risk, choosing something memorable, but still keeping a soft palette.

Regardless we want to be  rebel and daring here, we should take into consideration the architecture of the space. its measures and its position in relation to the sun.

Sounds complicate? Let see:

#The daring new trend: Getting the right balance

What always inspired me to write about design and decor on my blog, besides a lot of things, is the wonderful work that I see out there from my fellow designers.

And talking about the new daring trend, painting the fifth wall, I want to feature here the beautiful design of Claire Jefford, http://creatingcontrastdesign.com that she performed on her own studio and photographed by Stephani Buchman Photography.

As a designer as well, I have to recall the great vertical balance that she achieved extracting the beautiful teal color on the area rug and repeat on her studio ceiling.

In our next post we will talk about the tall and low ceilings. How to manage the work paint on them and what colors are more appropriate.

I think this new trend comes to stay for a long time, because more than a trend is a beautiful design resource that allows to perform unique color composition and harmonious look.



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