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Design + Decor


Silvia Karounos Decor Studio, is an Interior Design and Decor Consulting firm serving our clients in Boynton Beach,South Florida and surrounding areas.

 We believe that luxury is to live around the things that we love and our goal is to create the best space inside your possibilities.

Our  reason why we do what we do, is to help you living in a home that you can feel proud of, because is well designed and you love to live and spend your precious time on there.

​  We know how to prioritize and offer quality over quantity, so we have created design services that widely accomplish that.

From our first contact by phone or via Skype, offering a free time for you let us know about your design concerns and  decor dilemmas until the implementation of your project, we take care about every step to translate your vision.

​After that we’ll visit your home to evaluate and discuss on site the best  design solutions accordingly with your time and possibilities.

Our goal is to make and accomplish the best from your investment on your dream design.

                                                                       Ready to get started?


Let’s take a look to our services

Virtual meeting via Skype

This is a free 30 min. meeting via Skype. We will talk about your design needs and your vision about your project. If you decide hire our services , you can send us a message to book a Design Work Solution at your home.

Floor plans and 3D renderings

The starting point for any successful design is a planned layout and to know upfront how the design will look into the house via 3D visualization renderings. This service is perfect for new homeowners and real estate agents.

Learn about our full design services

To develop your dream project and create a well designed space, we crafted full design services covering every stage of the design after the first consulting at home.Click each image to learn more about the services and pricing.